About us

PZTKD Live (PTA Live) is a response to the high interest taken by TKD fans. It was established with the experience gained while conducting the "Okiem Trenera" (“The Coach’s View”) series, alongside which you followed live the results of the European Championships in Sweden and the World Championships in Argentina and New Zealand. Our willingness to develop was greater than the capabilities of the club’s website, so we decided to create a new separate portal with the new name – PZTKD Live. New editors, new potentials, and a lot of enthusiasm to work with mean that you will be able to access the most relevant information as soon as possible. In addition to the archives of "Okiem Trenera", you will find many articles, analyses and studies, reflections and summaries. Many of them are enriched with multimedia such as photos and videos.

We are open to all proposals and suggestions - CONTACT US!

Editors PZTKD Live:

  • Waldemar Dolecki
  • prof. Jacek Wąsik

PZTKD Live cooperates with:

  • Master Jerzy Jedut - photographs
  • Katarzyna Rozwadowska - photographs, translations
  • Dariusz Karczmarczyk - videos
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